Extraordinary true stories of bravery in the South Atlantic
By Michael Ashcroft
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Falklands War Heroes

By Michael Ashcroft

Published on 9th Nov 2021

The Falklands War, which may prove to be the last ‘colonial’ war that Britain ever fights, took place in 1982. Fought 8,000 miles from home soil, it cost the lives of 255 British military personnel, with many more wounded, some seriously.

The war also witnessed many acts of outstanding courage by the UK Armed Forces after a strong Task Force was sent to regain the islands from the Argentine invaders. Soldiers, sailors and airmen risked, and in some cases gave, their lives for the freedom of 1,820 islanders.

Lord Ashcroft, who has been fascinated by bravery since he was a young boy, has amassed several medal collections over the past four decades, including the world’s largest collection of Victoria Crosses, Britain and the Commonwealth’s most prestigious gallantry award. This is his seventh book in the “Heroes” series championing gallantry.

Falklands War Heroes tells the stories behind his collection of valour and service medals awarded for the Falklands War. The collection, almost certainly the largest of its kind in the world, spans all the major events of the war.

This book, which contains nearly forty individual write-ups, has been written to mark the fortieth anniversary of the war. It is Lord Ashcroft’s attempt to champion the outstanding bravery of our Armed Forces during an undeclared war that was fought and won over ten weeks in the most challenging conditions.

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Michael Ashcroft
The man behind the book

LORD ASHCROFT KCMG PC is an international businessman, philanthropist, author and pollster. He is a former deputy chairman and former treasurer of the Conservative Party and is founder and chairman of the board of trustees at Crimestoppers. He is chairman of the trustees of Ashcroft Technology Academy and a former trustee of the Imperial War Museum. Lord Ashcroft has a lifelong interest in bravery and has built up the world’s largest collection of Victoria Crosses, currently standing at more than 200 decorations. His many charitable donations linked to gallantry and the Armed Forces include more than £5 million for a new gallery bearing his name at the Imperial War Museum, London. The gallery is home to the author’s Victoria Cross and George Cross collection as well as those decorations in the care of the IWM. Lord Ashcroft is also a political biographer who has written books on David Cameron, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer. This is his seventh book in the "Heroes" series championing gallantry.